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FDA metal cablequick® cable entry plate

FDA metal cablequick® cable entry plate

The cable entry plates can be produced in almost every conceivable size and shape: square, octagonal, round or oval.
They are suitable for cables without connectors, for flat ribbon cables, electric power lines, pneumatic hoses or combinations.
Further, the cable entry plates can be made with a variety of materials:

  • plastic
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel in V2A or V4A

Due to its easy-care and hygienic surface, stainless steel is the most suitable material for sensitive production environments in the food & beverage sector in terms of cleanliness and cleanability.

Hygienic Design (HD):
Hygienic Design stands for good cleanability. The edges of the cable entry systems are provided with radii in a hygienic manner and are therefore ideally suited for use in the Food&Beverage industry. (KDP on Demand offers further possibilities to design and manufacture individual cable entry plates.)

The smooth surface avoids food and germs from penetrating and contaminating the cable entry plates. However, if substances should nevertheless adhere to the plates they can easily be removed with water and additives or steam. In addition, stainless-steel models do not absorb water or other fluids. V4A stainless steel also ensures increased resistance to corrosion by chloride-containing cleaning agents.

cablequick® FDA Type 100 (100x145 mm)

cablequick® FDA Type 100 (100x145 mm)

Efficient connection technology for terminal boxes, control cabinets for tool-free introduction of actuators, sensors, measuring and control instrumentation, optoelectronic, pneumatic cables and drive technology into a control panel. KDPs of the product group 100 fits into standard cut-outs for Rittal and Sarel cabinets when combined with adapter plates. These adapter plates can be configured individually.

The FDA stainless steel version is particularly suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Integrated threaded bolts mean that no screws are visible from outside. Mounting set included in delivery.

  • V4A : 1.4571
  • FDA compliant

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cablequick® FDA Type 149 (149x339 mm)

cablequick® FDA Type 149 (149x339 mm)

The cable entry system CABLEQUICK® KDP Type 149 FDA, V4A made of stainless steel is an entry and fastening system for electrical cables and pneumatic hoses used in control cabinets, systems and mechanical engineering.

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The cables and pneumatic hoses have to be fixed separately. Wherever quick mounting is required with high packing density and cables must be protected, the entry plate is used. The CABLEQUICK® KDP FDA, V4A is exceptionally applicable for food, beverage, medical and chemical industries.



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