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Cable Drag Chains

Cable Drag Chains

Our system offers you a complete system solution for many fields of operations, such as cable drag chains, guide molds, leads, strain relief, and assembling. Our chains have proven their quality and longevity under extreme constant loads and environmental influences. Our chains systems are quickly deliver-able at reasonable prices. Check out our quick ship program:

If you have any further questions as to special fields of operations, please do not hesitate to contact our engineers for detailed information.


The new Chainbuilder 4.0 lets you easily configure any Murrplastik cable drag chain online in just minutes, including the necessary lines for the most diverse applications and installation variants.

  • Quickly select the most appropriate cable drag chain for your application
  • User friendly configuration of mounting components such as separators, shelves, chain end brackets and strain relief
  • Automatic generation of a detailed parts list for the cable drag chain
  • Automatic generation of the 3D-CAD model using a direct interface with Cadenas
  • Saving & loading your configurations
  • Intuitive user interface / user friendliness

Open Chainbuilder 4.0

VAW Guide Channels

EFK VAW MT 177 komplett auf C Schiene schraeg 

The VAW variable guide channel system is harmonized for Murrplastik cable drag chains. Since different applications require different materials, the guide channels are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium. We can also supply V4A models on request for saltwater applications.

No screwing or welding is required for the individual sections in our variable guide channel system. The channel sections are perfectly aligned thanks to special plastic connectors or channel brackets. The floor mounting is made with clamping pieces and C-rails.

The glide rail profile not only guarantees snag-free gliding for the cable drag chain over the entire travel distance, but also reduces the noise level. 

Displaying Metric Units

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