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Typ EWT-PAT split-flex®

Typ EWT-PAT split-flex®

The EWT-PAT cable protection conduits are made of specially modified polyamide 6. The material is halogen, phosphor and cadmium-free.
The EWT-PAT cable protection conduits feature excellent crush resistance, self-extinguish very well and produce very low levels of smoke gas. For static applications involving medium to high mechanical loads.
The EWT-PAT cable protection conduits consist of a two-piece slotted conduit system and feature the following advantages:

  • Cable protection conduits can be opened and closed at any time.
  • Mounting of pre-assembled cables
  • Retrofitting or repair in mechanical and plant engineering


  • EN 45545-2:2013 3x HL3
  • Fire test according to UL1696


suv ew radius sb ma3

Type Order No. A Ø B Ø R Static Package
EWT-PAT M 20 /P 16 83165156 16.6 mm 21.2 mm 120 mm 50 m
EWT-PAT M 25 /P 21 83165158 22.40 mm 28.50 mm 170 mm 50 m
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