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Type GMT

Type GMT

The GMT split lock nut is made of specially modified polyamide 6. The material is halogen, phosphor and cadmium-free. The lock nuts are used when cable protection conduits fitted with pre-assembled cables need to be fixed or cable protection conduits need to be retrofitted. The GMT is ideal for connecting to our split EWT cable protection conduits and all other Murrflex cable protection conduits.
Benefits of the split lock nuts include:

  • Subsequent installation or repairs
  • Perfect for use with the SVT split conduit fitting
  • Very good system tear-out strength
  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly and disassembly


Type Order no. Colour Connecting thread S SW2 max. Ø Pack qty.
GMT M16x1.5 83651454 black M16x1,5 10 mm 26 mm 31 mm 50
GMT M20x1.5 83651456 black M20x1.5 10 mm 26 mm 31 mm 50
GMT M25x1.5 83651458 black M25x1.5 10 mm 28 mm 33 mm 50
GMT M32x1.5 83651460 black M32x1.5 10 mm 36 mm 43 mm 25
GMT M40x1.5 83651462 black M40x1.5 12 mm 46 mm 53 mm 25
GMT M50x1.5 83651464 black M50x1.5 12 mm 56 mm 63 mm 10
GMT M63x1.5 83651466 black M63x1.5 12 mm 71 mm 80 mm 10
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