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Type DR-NBR (sealing ring)

Type DR-NBR (sealing ring)
  • The sealing ring DR-NBR enables the protection rating on conduit fittings MSV, KSV and WSV to be increased from IP 54 to IP 65.
  • To do so, simply insert the sealing ring into the first recess at the end of the cable protection conduit.
  • To guarantee reliable installation, the clamping ring should be unlocked before the conduit is assembled.
  • Following assembly of the cable protection conduit in the conduit fitting, protection rating IP 65 is achieved.
  • The sealing ring can only be used for cable protection conduits with standard corrugation and crush resistance > 400 N/100 mm


Type Order no. Colour Suited for Murrflex Pack qty.
DR-NBR M10/P7 83481410 black M10/P7 50
DR-NBR M12/P9 83481412 black M12/P9 50
DR-NBR M16/P11 83481414 black M16/P11 50
DR-NBR M20/P16 83481416 black M20/P16 50
DR-NBR M25/P21 83481418 black M25/P21 50
DR-NBR M32/P29 83481420 black M32/P29 25
DR-NBR M40/P36 83481422 black M40/P36 10
DR-NBR M50/P48 83481424 black M50/P48 10
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