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Type US-H

Type US-H

The stable UH-S holder is made of specially modified polyamide 6. The material is halogen, phosphor and cadmium-free. The UH-S holders, which can be strung together and stacked, are ideally suited to applications with special requirements in terms of stability. Equipped with the appropriate cable protection conduits, the UH-S holders offer excellent performance in terms of stability, flexibility of use and durability – even under high dynamic loads.
The UH-S holders M20/P16 to M63/P56 feature the following advantages:

  • Safe closing of the holder with no tools required
  • Machine safe, can only be opened with a tool
  • The upper part can also be secured with screws if necessary
  • Lower part can be pre-assembled

The UH-S holders in the sizes M10/P07 to M16/P11 are to be fixed with the following fasteners.

  • EN 45545-2: 2016 3x HL3


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