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KMG/F ball bearing - SRF hose ring

KMG/F ball bearing - SRF hose ring

The KMG/F and SRF have been designed for robot applications and other moving handling equipment.

The SH system holder can be mounted easily and quickly in the detachably connected inlays and is the perfect fit for fixing Murrflex cable protection conduits.

The special advantages of the KMG-F center ball joint and of the SRF hose ring are:

  • Suitable for conversions or subsequent installation
  • May be used statically fixed (KMG-F + SRF) or detachable at the axis (KMG-F)
  • Long service life
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • Murrflex cable protection conduits are firmly fastened and are therefore securely routed

The KMG-F and SRF are made of specially modified polyamide.


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