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R-FKM and R-FKE pipe clamps

R-FKM and R-FKE pipe clamps

The flange clamps allow tension clamps R-SSR and precision pipes R-RG or R-RW to be connected with other components. Clamping on the entire pipe circumference.

The flange clamp R-FKD can be used to mount system holders with a swivel range of 36°. The position of the swivel range is adjustable. This prevents bending of the protection conduit.

With the flange clamp type R-FKE, the system holder is fixed rigidly.

For the flange clamps R-FKM, the base plate R-FKG or the swivel bearing R-DZM is additionally required for fixing a system holder.

Fields of Application
  • Robotic Equipment
  • Equipment for handling automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering / Machine Building
  • Plant Construction

R-FKD 32 Black Anodized

R-FKE 32 Black Anodized

R-FKM 32 Silver

R-FKM 40 Silver


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