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R-Tec Box

R-Tec Box

The R-Tec Box is an axis 3 to 6 energy package for industrial robots. It is specially designed to house the unique integrated spring return system which keeps the conduit tight to the robot so that it is not caught or in the way during operation. The spring package allows for the robot to make a wide range of movements while still keeping the cables and hoses organized, protected, and out of harms way.

Rtce box overview3

Fields of Application
  • Robotic Equipment     
  • Equipment for handling automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Factory Automation
Design Advantages
  • A low-wear guidance of energy package during complex movements
  • Easy Installation
  • High reliability and durability
  • Low operating noise




Polypropylene and fiber glass- 30% with brass inserts -40 - 284°F 302°F Halogen and phosphor HB
  • light acids
  • light bases
  • gasoline
  • alcohols
  • mineral lubricants
  • 600mm spring extension
  • Rated for 200N
  • UV resistant

R Tec box dimensions2

Type Order No. Color For EW-PAE conduit type For EWX-PAE conduit type A B C Stroke
R-Tec Box EW/EWX 56 MP - 200 N 83692658 Black 56 Jumbo 56 Jumbo 937.50 mm 430 mm 176 mm 600 mm
R-Tec Box EW/EWX 70 MP - 200 N 83692660 Black 70 jumbo 70 Jumbo 937.5 mm 430 mm 176 mm 600 mm
R-Tec Box EW/EWX 70 -KB MP - 200 N 83692662 Black 70 Jumbo 70 Jumbo 937.50 mm 430 mm 176 mm 600 mm
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