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Conduit Protection

Abrasion and Heat protection for flexible conduits

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Simple heat protection for corrugated conduits. Protects the cable package from radiant heat and welding splatters. The heat protection can also be easily retrofitted. Durable pressure heads securely close the longitudinal slit.


The protector PR/AS serves as abrasion protection of cable protection conduits and energy packages. The PR/AS makes the motion sequences more dynamic, increasing the flexibility of the dresspacks and at the same time increasing the service life.

  • Minimization of noise development
  • Tool-free and subsequent mounting due to attached hook-and-loop tape
  • No loose parts
  • Robot-friendly due to the use of abrasion-resistant special fabric


Article Order No. Color Suitable for Length
PR/AS-UNI 29 800 mm 83691102 Blue M 32 /P 29 800 mm
PR/AS-UNI 29 1500 mm 83691104 Blue M 32 /P 29 1500 mm
PR/AS-UNI 48 800 mm 83691116 Blue M 50 /P 48 800 mm
PR/AS-UNI 48 1500 mm 83691118 Blue M 50 /P 48 1500 mm
PR/AS-UNI 70 800 mm 83691123 Blue NW 70 800 mm
PR/AS-UNI 70 1500 mm 83691125 Blue NW 70 1500 mm
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