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Engraving option for mp-PM plotters

Engraving option for mp-PM plotters

The new engraving option offers a digital engraving depth counter, an adjustment aid (zero setting) as well as a holding bracket to store the plotter module resp. the engraving module in disuse. The new spindle generation also allows in cooperation with the depth controller an accurate setting of the engraving depth in 0.025 mm steps.
Scope of supply

  • Engraving head with engraving spindle and digital engraving depth counter
  • Engraving burin 0.5 mm / 15°
  • Engraving spindle connection cable
  • Controller
  • Controller connection cable
  • Vacuum cleaner with suction hose and suction bracket.
  • Vacuum cleaner connection cable
  • Holding bracket
  • Calibration stud
  • Power cord


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