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CAM engraving machine

CAM engraving machine

CAM 100 complete system
Complete engraving system for Duomatt, Alumatt and aluminium labelling materials and other materials suitable for engraving. The Murrplastik complete system consists of the 3-axis mechanism, accessories and the control devices; they are offered in various sizes.
Scope of delivery - complete system:

  • Basic system including control unit
  • A complete set of cables for connecting the axes with the controller, as well as the controller and the computer
  • Spindle 170 E
  • Vacuum table with chip vacuum pump *
  • Suction equipment (without vacuum)
  • Cooling / misting device
  • * If no compressed air supply is available, it will be necessary to order an electric vacuum pump instead of the standard chip vacuum pump.

General technical data

  • Positioning range X/Y 330 x 290 mm, stroke 75 mm
  • Clamping surface 500 x 600 mm
  • General mechanical data
  • Flat surface milled, face accuracy < 0.05 mm
  • x/y/z infeeds, backlash-free, with stepped motor drive
  • 3 ball screw drives, 16 x 5 mm with flange bearings
  • Rubber cover with Teflon coating
  • Repeat accuracy +/- 1/100 mm
  • 3 end and reference switches, accuracy < 1/100 mm
  • Cable drag chains
  • Easy to maintain structure
  • Technical data for electronics
  • 19” table housing
  • 230 V power supply
  • Connection to computer through serial interface
  • Expanded HPGL command set
  • Triaxial controlling


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