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Engraving Material

Engraving Material

Murrplastik offers a wide variety of engraving materials in many shapes and colors as well as different optional characteristics.

Engraved labels last an extremely long time and are resistant to environmental influences and mechanical stress.



There are a variety of attachment options:

  • self adhesive
  • fastening with cable ties
  • screws or rivets

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DuoMatt engraving (DMG)

DuoMatt engraving (DMG)

  • Double-layer material with a colored outer layer in various color combinations
  • Optionally available with self-adhesive foil (SK), strong self-adhesive foil (SSK) or adhesive foil (HF)
  • Borderless mat, available in square versions with and without corner radius, optionally with holes or granulation
  • UV resistant outer layer
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Labeling methods: Engraving and plotting








AluMatt (ALM)

AluMatt (ALM)

AluMatt products are high pressure decorative laminated sheets, preferably in plain colors. In contrast to standard laminates, AluMatt has a three-layer symmetrical structure of melamine resin impregnated cellulose sheeting. The colour of all layers is exactly defined. The colors of both outer layers are usually in stark contrast to the core color. This color contrast makes the engraving very readable. For engraving, the outer layers are kept very thin. The layer thickness is approximately 0.08 mm. The plain papers are homogeneously colored in the mass. The color connection is secured with these paper qualities. The base is free of heavy metals and has a high level of light stability.

  • Triple-layer material with black plastic inner layer (aluminum-plastic aluminum)
  • Outer layer available in silver or gold
  • Available with self-adhesive foil (SK) or with adhesive foil (HF).
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Inscription technique: Engraving











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