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Cable entry, type KDL/M

Cable entry, type KDL/M

The KDL/M is a split cable entry system for inserting pre-assembled cables. Depending on the choice of cable entry grommet, up to two cables can be introduced. The split lock nut is included within the scope of delivery.

  • Simple assembly and installation of pre-assembled cables.
  • Integrated and split seal.
  • Simple strain relief for cables using cable ties


Type Order no. Color Number of openings small / large Connecting thread EH GL D S SW1 SW2 Pack qty.
KDL/M M32 87176010 black 1 / - M32 20 mm 15 mm 40 mm 10 mm 36 mm 36 mm 5
KDL/M M50 87176040 black - / 1 M50 20 mm 20 mm 62 mm 12 mm 55 mm 55 mm 5
Matching grommets small. KDT/Z; BTK 17; KDT/ASI; SDT/Z
Matching grommets large. KDT/ZN; BTG/N 32
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