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Cable entry plate cablequick® KDP 90 (90x90 mm)

The KDP metal cable entry plates cablequick® with external dimensions 90x90mm can be mounted in cut-outs with Ø 75mm. The technical advantage here is linked to the enormous time savings. Protection class IP 65 without added time and effort.


Cable entry plate cablequick® Type 90 (90x90 mm)

Cable entry plate cablequick® Type 90 (90x90 mm)

Efficient connection technology for terminal boxes, control cabinets for tool-free introduction of actuators, sensors, measuring and control instrumentation, optoelectronic, pneumatic lines and drive technology into a control panel. The stainless steel version is particularly suitable for application in the food and chemical areas. Integrated threaded bolts mean that no screws are visible from outside. Mounting set included in delivery.
V4A : 1.4571
ALU : 3.3535
ST : 1.0037




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