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Establish and mark cut-outs.

Ensure sufficient distance between the press cuts!

Mark drilling point for the pilot hole for the tension screw and punch out the pilot hole for the tension screw.
Screw in corresponding tension screw into the tool head and close the valve on the punching tool. Push on appropriate spacer and die.
Insert tension screw into pilot hole. Stick or screw stamp onto tension bolt. Secure with lock nut where needed. Align die and draw in lock nut by hand.
Activate hydraulic mechanism until the press cut is completed. Then actuate 3 – 4 further strokes. This ensures an easier removal of the plate from the die. Caution: If excessive force is required, inspect the hydraulic tool and punching tool! Observe the tool's operating instructions.
Remove hydraulic tool from the cut-out. Open valve and remove lock nut and stamp. Remove plate from the die.
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