Robotic Dresspack with Nominal Size 80

Murrplastik Systems has extended it proven polyamide 12 flexible conduit family with the addition of an intermediate size with a nominal width of 80mm. Due to the demands of many industrial users, this closes the 24mm gap between the inner diameters of NW 70 and NW 95. Typical applications for protective conduit with NW 80 can be found in Tier 1 suppliers, welding, material handling and adhesive systems. Flexible conduits with NW 80 are suitable for increased power supply requirements, e.g. for power cables with larger diameters and improved water cooling.

Size 70, 80 and 95

Linear Return System R-Tec Liner 80/95 with Long Life Cycle

Matched to the new flexible conduit sizes NW 80 and NW 90, Murrplastik engineers have developed the R-Tec Liner 80/95 universal return system which enables quick and easy conduit and cable replacement. The R-Tec Liner provides optimal guidance of dress packs on industrial robots from axis 1 to axis 6. To avoid damage, the housing of the R-Tec Liner is made of sturdy aluminum. The spring return system is integrated in the aluminum housing which makes it possible to safely, easily and effectively carry dress packs in the smallest of spaces. In the Murrplastik test laboratory and endurance test of more than 18 million cycles was achieved.

Robotic Mounting System RHS 80/95

Also new in the portfolio is the robust RHS 80/95 Robotic Mounting System which matches the nominal widths of 80 and 95. The compact design, high quality workmanship and ease of installation are particularly noteworthy. In combination with Murrflex conduits, the mounting system offers above-average performance in terms of stability and durability even under high dynamic load at a very good price-performance ratio. The RHS 80/95 can be flexibly configured according to requirements and application options: for example, with a hose ring, different strain relief systems, ball end joints and with various protectors.

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  2. This is a really cool product. Are the “gaskets” inside the dresspack all the same? Or are there different hole sizes and combinations based on the cables being dressed?

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