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Feedback System

Feedback System

The recirculation system is designed to be an easy, space-saving alternative to the Murrplastik R-TecBox-S and can handle a length adjustment of 150 mm. The system is very suitable for small robots, such as FANUC M20iA or KUKA KR6/KR10.
As long as the hole pattern fits, the recirculation system can be mounted directly on the robot or attached with spacer sleeves. If the hole pattern does not match, an additional adapter plate will be necessary for the installation.

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PR/SV Protector

PR/SV Protector

The PR/SV protectors are made of specially modified polyamide 6. The material is halogen, phosphor and cadmium-free.
The protectors are used for impact protection and connecting cable protection conduits and also protect against wear.
The PR/SV protectors feature the following advantages:

  • Flat construction
  • Simple assembly with a sliding lock and optional lock screw assembly
  • High tear-out strength
End Ball Joints

End Ball Joints

The KEG-ZL is used wherever cords or cables exit from the cable protection conduit with strain relief.
The detachably connected type KEG-ZL ball joint with integrated strain relief can easily and quickly be placed into the SH system holder and thus connected to the Murrflex cable protection conduits and the robot.
The cords, conduits and cables are connected to the integrated strain relief with cable ties.

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