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FHS-SH Flexible Holder System


The FHS-SH (Flexible holder system with system holder SH) consists of the FHS-SH base body, an SH holder mounted on top and a buckle strap which is available in four lengths. It is available as a separate article with just one length of buckle strap or as a set including all four lengths of the buckle strap + FHS-SH and SH holder .
The FHS-SH is suitable for handling small dress packs at slow to medium movement speeds where high system security is required. The length selection of the buckle strap can be adapted to the diameter of the robot arm as these may vary.
Due to the additional system holder SH, the buckle strap in this case is only used to fix the FHS-SH to the robot arm. As a result it can adjust a larger range of diameters than the FHS-C type.


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