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MP 72

MP 72
Internal height: 72 mm
Internal widths: 93 - 518 mm
Outside widths: 125 - 550 mm
Radii: 150 - 500 mm
Pitch: 100 mm
Links Per Meter: 10
Interior/exterior widths
Interior width (A) Interior height (B) Exterior width (D) Exterior height (C)
93 mm 72 mm 125 mm 102 mm
106 mm 72 mm 138 mm 102 mm
118 mm 72 mm 150 mm 102 mm
131 mm 72 mm 163 mm 102 mm
143 mm 72 mm 175 mm 102 mm
153 mm 72 mm 188 mm 102 mm
168 mm 72 mm 200 mm 102 mm
181 mm 72 mm 213 mm 102 mm
193 mm 72 mm 225 mm 102 mm
206 mm 72 mm 238 mm 102 mm
218 mm 72 mm 250 mm 102 mm
231 mm 72 mm 263 mm 102 mm
243 mm 72 mm 275 mm 102 mm
256 mm 72 mm 288 mm 102 mm
268 mm 72 mm 300 mm 102 mm
293 mm 72 mm 325 mm 102 mm
318 mm 72 mm 350 mm 102 mm
343 mm 72 mm 375 mm 102 mm
368 mm 72 mm 400 mm 102 mm
418 mm 72 mm 450 mm 102 mm
468 mm 72 mm 500 mm 102 mm
518 mm 72 mm 550 mm 102 mm
Radius (R)
150 mm
200 mm
250 mm
300 mm
400 mm
500 mm
Chain bracket with variably positionable metal angle
Frame bridge strain relief can be integrated into chain bracket
Frame bridge/cover can be removed from inside and outside flexure curve
Radii with (RV) or without bias (RK)
Back radius combinations
Aluminium frame bridges with integrated lock grid in variable lengths
Foldable shelf system for reliable cable guidance
Crossbar connector for securing of large frame bridge widths

Material characteristics standard (PA/black)

Service temperature: -30 - 120 ° C
Gliding friction factor: 0.30
Static friction factor: 0.45
Fire classification: In accordance to UL94 HB

Other information on request

Technical Specifications

Travel distance, gliding Lg: 150 m
Travel distance, self-supporting Lf: See Diagram
Travel distance, vertical, hanging Lvh: 80 m
Travel distance, vertical, upright Lvs: 6 m
Rotated 90°, unsupported L90f: 6 m
Speed, gliding Vg: 5 m /s
Speed, unsupported Vf: 20 m /s
Acceleration, gliding ag: 25 m /s²
Acceleration, unsupported af: 40 m /s²

Self-Supporting Length


Ideal installation situation for high stresses at the limit of the max. travel parameters. In this range the chain upper run is still biased, straight or has a max. sag of 10 – 50 mm depending on the type of chain.

Satisfactory installation position for many applications working in the lower to middle range of the max. travel parameters. Depending on the chain type, the sag of the chain upper run is > 10 – 50 mm but less than the max. sag. If the sag is greater than FLb, the application is critical and should be avoided. Please choose a more stable Murrplastik cable drag chain.

Determining the Chain Length


L = Travel distance
R = Radius
T = Pitch
E =

Length = L/2 + π × R + 2 × T + E

1 m chain = 10 x 100 mm links The fixed point of the cable drag chain should be connected in the middle of the travel distance. This arrangement gives the shortest connection between the fixed point and the moving consumer and thus the most efficient chain length.

Chain Weight

118 kg/m
143 kg/m
168 kg/m
193 kg/m
218 kg/m
243 kg/m
268 kg/m
293 kg/m
318 kg/m
343 kg/m
368 kg/m
418 kg/m
468 kg/m
518 kg/m
0 kg/m
600 kg/m
Chain bracket flexible

Chain bracket flexible

This chain bracket offers universal connection options (top, bottom and front) and is attached to the ends of the chain like a side link. This allows the chain to move right up to the bracket. Each chain requires one male and one female bracket. M10 screws are used to secure the brackets in place. Metal inserts (supplied) help to minimize the cold flow properties. This is an enormous advantage, guaranteeing the smooth transfer of high loads to the chain.
Order Number Type Pack qty.
0720000054 KA 72-F Female end 1
0720000055 KA 72-F male end 1
Type Inside width A Outside width D E F F1 G G1 H Ø
KA 72-F 118 mm  –  518 mm A + 32 mm A + 11 mm 35 mm 45 mm 107 mm 171.5 mm 11 mm

Chain bracket angle

Chain bracket angle

There are several options regarding the chain bracket. The fixed-point bracket (inside/bottom) and the moving end bracket (inside/top) are supplied as standard. However, any other combination can be supplied upon request. The chain bracket is fastened at the end like a side link. This enables the chain to move right up to the bracket. Each chain requires one male and one female bracket. The brackets should be fastened with M8 screws.
Order Number Type Pack qty.
0720000050 KA 72 Female end 1
0720000051 KA 72 Male end 1
Type Inside width A Outside width D B B1 C F G G1 H Ø I
KA 72 118 mm  –  518 mm A + 32 mm A - 16 mm A - 24 mm A + 48 mm 45 mm 106 mm 179.5 mm 9 mm 32 mm

Bottom and top / outside


Bottom and top/inside





Assembly instruction flexible chain bracket

The flexible chain bracket is delivered with insert panels to reduce the plastic’s cold flow properties.


We recommend that separators be used if multiple round cables or conduits with differing diameters are to be installed. An offset configuration of the separators is advisable.

H-shaped shelf unit

Insert to obtain additional levels in pre-defined window distances.

Shelving system

In connection with at least two shelf supports (RTT) the shelf becomes a shelving system. The additional levels prevent cables from criss-crossing and therefore destroying each other, whilst also avoiding excessive friction. The shelving system may be pre-assembled on request.

Frame bridge strain relief plate RS-ZL


Fixed integrated frame bridge strain relief plates in the chain brackets. Accommodated to all widths of the frame bridges, up to 243 mm in size. May be assembled on the inside and outside bend at both chain endings.

Type Order No. For inner width
RS-ZL 093 - 7 072009300010 93 mm
RS-ZL 106 - 7 072010600010 106 mm
RS-ZL 118 - 7 072011800010 118 mm
RS-ZL 131 - 7 072013100010 131 mm
RS-ZL 143 - 7 072014300010 143 mm
RS-ZL 156 - 7 072015600010 156 mm
RS-ZL 168 - 7 072016800010 168 mm
RS-ZL 181 - 7 072018100010 181 mm
RS-ZL 193 - 7 072019300010 193 mm
RS-ZL 206 - 7 072020600010 206 mm
RS-ZL 218 - 7 072021800010 218 mm
RS-ZL 231 - 7 072023100010 231 mm
RS-ZL 243 - 7 072024300010 243 mm
RS-ZL 256 - 7 072025600010 256 mm

Strain relief with bow clamps


C-rails (cathodic dipped) for permanent integration, for accommodating the Steel Fix bow clamps in the chain brackets. The bow clamps can take up to 3 cables and are suitable for C-rails with a groove width of 11 mm. Due to the design of the trough elements, a cable preserving cable guidance is ensured. May be assembled on the inside and outside bends at both chain endings. The overall height stated is a guide only. The actual height is, amongst other things, dependent on the diameter and the quality of the cable. A safety distance of 10 mm at the fixed point above the strain relief must be kept during gliding applications.

Crossbar connector

For frame bridges wider than 246 mm, we recommend the use of crossbar connectors. Their use prevents the frame bridge from separating due to the extra load in the chain.

Rear-facing radius

Side links with radius forward (R) and radius backward (Rü) allow for movement in two directions. This is intended for rotating movements and lowered chain brackets. Note: This type of chain has different chain links for the left or right side!

Lock button


To increase the side stability, we recommend the use of lock buttons during strong lateral acceleration or when installed "laying on the side (turned 90 degrees) without support".


Type Order No.
MP 52 / 62 / 72 lock button 0520000080

Extender frame bridge


Large-diameter conduits are routed securely by using a bracket bar (BS). This bar is installed on the frame bridges or the covers of the cable drag chain. The bracket bar can be installed on both the inside and outside bend. The bracket bar support (BSH) is used to attach the bars to PowerLine series frame bridges. Two bracket bar supports are required for each bar. On closed covers and the frame bridges of the HeavyLine series, the bracket bars are secured with screws.

Type Order No. Designation Max conduit dia. Installation height Min inner chain width
BS 120 - 5 052412000000 Extender frame bridge 115 mm 140 mm 164 mm
BS 153 - 5 052415300000 Extender frame bridge 148 mm 170 mm 208 mm
BS 187 - 5 052418700000 Extender frame bridge 182 mm 205 mm 233 mm
BSH- 5 052400000000 Extender frame bridge holder

Guide channel systems for cable drag chains serve as trays for short travel distances and at the same time as guides for long travel distances. If no guide channel is used it is possible that the chain links may lay and move incorrectly. Especially for large bend radii as the side guidance does not exist. In most applications the cables/conduits enter the chain at a position central to the travel. This gives the shortest length of chain. In this case the chain is about half as long as the travel distance. If the chain is moved to the left (see illustration below) it simply rolls in the channel. If it is moved to the right, then it stacks on top of itself once the unsupported length has been exceeded. If the movement is further made into direction B the glide rail adjusts the difference in height and guarantees the minimum possible friction. This ensures the optimum free and correct running of the cable drag chain.

Should the CAD format you desire not be listed, please contact our support team.

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