Little aids to make the work go easier

Holder frame/metal tongue/metal hook

Holder frame for 25 BK ident strips. The holder frame provides a clear overview of the labels required and ideal access for the metal tongue. The metal tongue is required to assemble the idents and to insert them into the label sleeves or other label holders. The metal hook is required for removing labels which have been inserted.

ACS function tool

Multi-purpose tool KM-T10 for fabricating label sleeves. For cut goods KM and KMH in 9 and 15 mm widths. Universal pliers BZS T20 for cutting the BZS label rail and the transparent cover to length. Supplied with alternative cutting heads.

Type BNW (riveting tool)

Only this tool brings out the full economical effect of the BN fixing rivet. The tools are matched to the size of the rivets. For type BN fixing rivets, see "Accessories" chapter.

Cable shears

Sturdy cable shears. Suitable for removing cable sheathing and braided shields. EW-PAP cable protection conduit with metal braiding can be processed with these shears.

Cable stripping knife

Special cable stripping knife for stripping of wiring.

Stripping tongs

Stripping tongs for single wires up to a diameter of 2.5 mm2. A slider is used to adjust the stripping length. The stripping tongs posses an integrated cutting mechanism.

Cable tie tool for plastic cable ties

Tools for mounting of plastic cable ties. KBW 1K with adjustable automated cutting mechanism, plastic casing, automated metal cutting mechanism KKBW is full metal with manual cutting mechanism

Cable tie tool for metal cable ties

Cable tie tools intended for metal cable ties of type KBM, with manual cutting mechanism. Robust metal tool

Cable ties KB/KKB/KBM

Cable ties are a reliable method for the economic bundling and fastening of cables, cable harnesses, tubes, conduits and other components. The black cable ties are suitable for outdoor applications. The cable tie KKB 28 is equipped with a special locking mechanism and is especially suitable for heavy-duty applications.

BF Cable ties

Cable tie with title block. For use with ink pens or permanent waterproof markers. BF20 (Fig., right) Title block lengthways along cable BF45 (Fig., left) Title block across cable

Screwed holder SH

The SH screw-down holder is used to fix individual cables cost-effectively. It can be screwed or riveted to any surface.

ASI-Snap marker holder

and middle of travel distance and middle of travel distance The glide rail is simply slid into the guide channel section. KS 4/... labels can be latched into the mounting clip as bus cable labeling.

KH Screwdown and adhesive holder

The retention force can be increased by additional fastening with a screw. If pressure sensitive adhesives are used, the surface must be smooth and free of dust and grease. Contaminated surfaces must be cleaned with proper cleaning agents.

Cable tie rail KBL

Quick and easy fitting of cables. Cable ties may be pushed on if a rail is already fitted.

Spiral tape, type SB/SBF

Spiral tapes are used to bundle cable harnesses efficiently and simply. The spiral tapes also protect the insulation of the conduit/single wire. Branches of single wires or looms of cables may be made at any place. Bundling in the range from 2 - 100 mm is possible with just three sizes. Type SBF consists of flame-retardant material.


S-hooks serve to fix the labels in place. Simple and easy to fit on cables and conduits.