Labeling systems

The perfect hardware for all your labeling needs! Our Murrplastik labeling systems range from portable plotters for service areas, to stationary plotters with a variety of different features and thermo laminating systems nd engraving machines for continuous professional use.

Inkjet system

Inkjet printer for quick, high-quality color printing of label plates made from polycarbonate (PC), labels of the types ELO, ELW and ELG.

Laser system

Quick and permanent labeling on a range of Murrplastik materials. Labeling without using consumables keeps running costs to a minimum.

Thermal transfer systems

Desktop printer system for rapid, durable lettering of labels in the industrial environment.

Plotter systems

The universally proven all-rounder based on plotter technology. For mobile and stationary use

Engraving systems

Engraving and milling system for professional use. Processing of all flat, engravable materials.