R-TecLiner – New product for guiding robot energy packages

Murrplastik now offers the R-TecLiner feedback system, a new option for supplying energy to industrial robots. The goal was to create a universal, compact and self-contained system.





The R-TecBox 56/70 was developed in 2010, followed by two further variants in 2012 and 2016 (R-TecBox-S M32 / M40 and R-TecBox M40 / M50). With the R-TecLiner, Murrplastik in 2017 has succeeded in designing a new linear system, which is based on the familiar and patented slider system.

Flexibility, assembly, service life and the stability of the system.

The specially manufactured aluminum housing gives very high stability, allows flexible applications at the same time and, thanks to the integrated and unique spring return system, enables a low-wear and effective guidance of the energy package.

Depending on the mounting location, direct mounting of the R-TecLiners can be carried out without an additional base plate. In addition, due to the the anodized aluminum the slider is very low maintenance and thus has a long service life. An exchange of individual wear parts can is easy and can be done without disassembly of the system.

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