Cable entry plate type KDP/Z 24

The KDP/Z 24 cable entry plate is an entry and fastening system for cables and pneumatic hoses as used in control cabinets, plant or machine construction. Wherever quick assembly, cable-protection and high packing density are required, this cable entry plate can be used.

•Enormous time saving during assembly
•High packing density
•Large range of wire diameter
•Good strain relief
•Very flat design
•High tightness IP 65
•Excellent price-performance ratio













The cable entry plate KDP/Z is suitable for countries with low labor costs and anywhere, where high packing density is needed.

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  1. Well explained!! Give me lots of valuable information about cable entry system. Cable glands are much demanding in different industries. I trusted Roxtec cable entry system and find them flexible, economical and long-lasting. Cheers!!

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