Energy Guidance Systems Deliver Power and Uptime

Designers of industrial robots are always on the lookout for simpler, long-lasting ways to guide energy packets from axis three to axis six. Minimal downtime is a particularly important requirement for welding and material handling operations, so robotic dress pack systems that are easy to install and maintain can help plant managers enhance their uptime and return on investment.

Unfortunately, dress pack system implementation has become unwieldy. Plant personnel have to manage several parts from different vendors. Further, robot integrators face space constraints for their dress packs, and limited space also means that installers and maintenance personnel spend valuable time and effort just to access the parts. Thankfully, robotic equipment vendors are responding to these persistent energy supply challenges to provide today’s engineer with dress pack options that are much easier to implement and maintain. In fact, one such product offering provides designers with a universal, compact, self-contained energy delivery system.

Murrplastik’s R-TecLiner robotic dress pack builds on the company’s patented slider technology to easily guide energy packets while providing easy access, easy installation and long service life. It features an integrated spring return system that transports the energy packet safely and effectively in a low-wear manner within the smallest possible space. The system fits 56/70-size EWX conduits and carries a stroke length of 350 mm to 550 mm with custom lengths from 300 mm to 500 mm. And Murrplastik designed the R-TecLiner to make robot energy deployment easy.

Additional features include:

  • Simple installation. The packet delivery system comes in a compact size so that it can be inserted into a small housing to guide the conduit harnesses safely into very tight spaces. Depending on the application, the unit can mount directly into the robot without an additional base plate.
  • Simple maintenance. The anodized aluminum slider requires very little maintenance, which helps ensure a long service life. And, R-TecLiner lets personnel easily switch parts without disassembling the entire system.
  • Ease of access. The dress pack system’s small footprint means it stays out of the way of other robotic parts so installers and maintenance staff can get the job done faster and production can resume quicker. To get inside the device, simply remove a pair of screws.
  • Long service life. R-TecLiner’s, low-wear characteristics mean it will perform over a long lifetime. In addition, the energy guidance system is built with specially manufactured aluminum so it can withstand tough industrial environments. Its closed system design protects critical parts from dirt ingress.

Industrial robot integrators now have a system-level option to optimize energy package delivery in three- and six-axis robots. Not only can they take advantage of proven slider technology and a highly efficient spring return system, they can maximize system uptime and service life to improve the bottom line.

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Be sure to check out Murrplastik’s R-TecLiner at ATX West 2018, booth 4355, February 6-8, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA.