New mp-Universal Marking Software

At SPS 2017, Murrplastik Systemtechnik will be presenting the mp-Universal Marking Software, a new generation of labeling software for all Murrplastik labeling technologies: plotting, inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, engraving and laser cutting.

Cross-platform, intuitive, interactive labeling technology

In addition to the intuitive graphical interface and interactive working, the mp-Universal Marking software offers a high-quality print preview. The graphical user interface controls all parameters such as black level, numbers, symbols, logos and fonts. Testing shows that the labeling process can be accelerated by up to 50%.  With the new mp-Universal Marking Software, the users get a complex yet easy-to-use labeling software. All driver settings are configured directly in the software. On any label,  different fonts, styles and sizes can be used randomly.

In addition, The mp-Universal Marking software offers these features:

  • Supports dwg and dxf files.
  • Vector and bitmap file formats can be used without conversion in the graphics editor.
  • You can enter several data records in succession.
  • Labels can be edited in the print preview.
  • Changing the language settings (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese) is possible during operation.

Murrplastik labeling downloads



New MP 35 chain for lighter duty applications

Easy to install energy chain for lower load applications.

Murrplastik Systems presents the new MP 35, an easy-to-install energy chain for lighter duty applications. This low-cost energy chain with widths from 50 to 175 mm and with radii from 63 to 250 mm is suitable for short, fast applications with high driving dynamics, when used with handling and assembly robots for example. The chain links can be opened either on the outside (MP 35.1) or on the inside bend (MP 35.2).

In lower duty applications, such as when used with handling and assembly robots today, high quality demands are placed on the energy chains in terms of payload, speed and the length of the travel path. The new MP 35 with a total of 512 variants is appropriate for this purpose. Murrplastik offers the MP 35 with inside widths of 50, 65, 75, 90, 100, 125, 150 and 175 mm as well as with radii of 63, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 and up to 250 mm. The MP 35 has an internal height of 35 mm. The pitch is 18 chain links per meter.

The MP 35 offers a very flexible shelving system and divisible shelf supports that make it much easier to equip the energy chain with cables. Due to a multitude of possible combinations, the ideal shelving system can be put together for every application. The shelf dividers snap into the frame bars and cannot slip. With every installation variant, the cables remain in the original position. That means longer life.

Premium laser marking for smaller budgets

The labeling specialist Murrplastik Systems presents the new LM 1 Premium laser marking system, which enables automated and cost-effective in-house production, even for medium-sized companies.

Laser-marked metal or plastic identification tags are widely used in the automation industry. For example, for labeling wires, cables, terminals, operating and signaling devices or for switching and media devices. Medium-sized companies previously shunned in-house production with a premium laser system, since acquisition and operation were significantly more expensive compared to outsourcing. Murrplastik now introduces the LM1, a premium laser marking system that not only scores with its low purchase price; The low operating and maintenance costs make automated laser marking affordable even for companies without high labeling volumes.

Murrplastik presents the LM 1, a laser system that can be used to produce abrasion-resistant quality markings on a variety of base materials. The high quality of laser marking of plastic results from a chemical reaction in the marking material itself, “carbonization”. It is a color change, which is only generated by the impact of the laser beam moved through a mirror, and the laser marking is thus made contactless.
As a result, the label is razor sharp even with the smallest fonts and graphics. Due to the “carbonization” the labeling is resistant to UV light, acid, oil, mechanical stress and other environmental influences. Signs made of polycarbonate and polypropylene (PC / PP), anodized aluminum, stainless steel or laser foils can be labeled with a maximum size of 120 x 120mm².

From the production floor to the office.

Optionally, the LM1 laser system may include additional accessories such as a suction and filter unit. The air-cooled laser marker LM1 is quite compact for its performance class.

Automated labeling is now affordable.

Identification labels can be labeled automatically with the LM1 laser system. Signs made of PC or PP are stacked directly in the insertion hopper. For laser applications made of aluminum, stainless steel or laser foil material, the identification labels are first placed on a variable base plate and then inserted into the hopper. If different print materials are contained in a print job, the respective number is ensured by separating mats when changing the type. The conversion from one print job to another is done in a few simple steps.
The labeled labels are stacked in a removable container. Upon request, this collection container can be replaced by company-specific storage system boxes.

The handling with the proven ACS software is intuitive.

The handling of the LM 1 laser station is very easy. The LM 1 can be operated via USB port or Ethernet via a PC and the proven labeling software ACS. The user uses the ACS software to determine the optical density of the label and has all numbers, symbols, logos and fonts under control. Intuitive ACS software makes it easy to move from a printer system to the LM1 laser marker. Existing projects can be imported in a short time.

Minimal acquisition and operating costs.

Especially when using a laser printer, the hidden costs reveal themselves. Because in addition to the purchase price, the operating costs must be taken into account. Here, the new LM1 laser marking system can convince with its minimal operating costs across the board. On the one hand, the LM1 laser marker does not require any consumables – on the other hand, the system operates almost service-free, so the maintenance effort is minimal. The energy consumption is exemplary. The power consumption of the LM1 laser marking system is just 0.5 kW.

Labeling solutions from a single source.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of labeling systems, Murrplastik offers a complete system for all marking tasks. In addition to different labeling technologies ranging from thermal transfer printers to various inkjet printers to the new LM 1 laser marking system, Murrplastik offers perfectly matched marking materials. Most of the materials are halogen-free, comply with the V0 brand classification, are temperature-resistant up to 284° F and have railway and vehicle registration certifications.

The proven KDL/D cable entry system for pre-assembled cables is now able to accept three sleeve sizes.

The KDL/D series has been expanded by two new variants. They can now accept large sleeves to feed in lines with diameters of 22 – 30 mm.

We can now offer the option of feeding cables with plugs into the housing with even better fitting sleeves. The KDL/D entry system stands out due to the following characteristics:

– Uninterrupted cable guidance
– Simple assembly
– Integrated strain relief
– Fits standard cut-out dimensions
– High IP65 protection class